options.rpy // general settings for the game, a few style-related things. there's not much here that's different from any other ren'py game.
screens.rpy // uh screens. in... screen language. if you're interested in GUI stuff, this is where it all is. I explain how to do some of this stuff in this thread.
script.rpy // the prologue script. also where all our variables/images/etc are defined. it has a lot of snarky comments in it.
script2.rpy // the post-prologue script. has a lot less snarky comments in it because I got progressively lazy.
sprites.rpy // where alllll the sprites are defined. have fun looking through this mess.

Alternately, download all of them as a nicely packaged .zip file.

Do as you see fit with these, just don't try to claim them as your own or anything. or else we might send Laura after you! If you end up using these to make a translation of the game, do drop us a line.

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