Walkthroughs! If you don't want to be totally spoiled, we recommend using the hints instead. However, if you're having a lot of trouble getting certain endings/CGs, this is certainly for you.


These prologue walkthroughs are for the common scenes only because the choices in the actual prologue routes don't matter. You do get slightly different dialogues when you choose other choices, though, so if you're interested in them, they're not completely pointless.

Pierre: See if Pierre needs help > Disagree with Liam > "Well, keep trying your best." > "You're interested in travel?" > Pierre

Liam: Ask Liam to come over > Disagree with Liam > "You're great the way you are, Liam!" > "You two seem pretty close to me." > Liam

Ethan: Boldly approach Ethan > Agree with Liam > "Well, keep trying your best." > "You two seem pretty close to me." > Ethan


These will put you on the correct characters' routes. Of course, they aren't the only ways and you can get the normal ending in other ways, too, this is just one way for each.

Angelina: Skip work for today > Stay behind > "You can't do this all by yourself." > Keep Angelina company > Call Angelina > Ethan > Laura > Liam > Angelina > "It's not like they hate you."

Liam: Get up right now > Side with Liam > Go home > Call Liam > Ethan > Laura > Angelina > Liam > "Even you can relate to it?"

Ethan: Hit the snooze button > Go home > Call Ethan > Laura > Liam > Angelina > Ethan > "They like seeing your hidden side."

Laura: Get up right now > Side with Laura > Stay behind. > "Just doing you a favor." > Call Laura > Ethan > Liam > Angelina > Laura > "You'll be fine."

Normal/Friendship Ending: Hit the snooze button > Stay behind > "You can't do this all by yourself." > Go home > Call Liam > Liam > Ethan > Laura > Angelina > "Well, your character kind of deserves it."


These post-prologue walkthroughs will lead you to the romantic endings. The endings are all-or-nothing, so after getting a romantic ending, simply go back and change one of the choices and you'll be able to get the friendship ending for the character.

Angelina: "You should live life at your own pace." > "Maybe you only thought you loved him." > "There's more to you than just your looks."

Liam: It's more fun when he's around > "Are you really happy with this?" > Because I care about him

Ethan: "Maybe I'll look into it, then." > "Doing that will just make things worse." > Because I really care about him

Laura: "May's your hero, isn't she?" > "Don't forget your real goal!" > "You make a difference in my life."