Hints that should help you get on the right route and go for the right endings. Note: choices in the prologue don't actually matter--the ending is the same, regardless, though there may be minor variations in the scenes.


Pierre: Spend as much time with Pierre as you can. Then, when actually talking to him, make sure that you aren't too petty. Pierre likes talking about his interests, not his personal relationships!

Liam: Spend as much time with Liam as you can. Then, make sure you boost his self-confidence and don't let him compare himself to Pierre too much! He is optimistic, but everyone has self-doubt sometimes.

Ethan: Spend as much time with Ethan as you can. He doesn't hang around you as much in the prologue, so make sure that even around others, you show that you like Ethan as a person and believe in him.


These are for the non-route common scenes.


These are hints on how to get the romantic endings. The endings are all-or-nothing, so remember your choices. After getting a romantic ending, simply go back and change one of your choices and you'll be able to get the friendship ending.