(* first name changeable) The 22-year-old heroine of our tale. Waitress. She's very clumsy and a bit dense, but works hard and means well. This combination of traits tends to endear her to others. Her top priority right now is fitting in at work.

23 years-old. Sous-chef. Pierre is basically the prince of the establishment and many women frequent the restaurant in order to just get a glimpse of him. No matter the situation, he's always calm, eloquent, and kindly. Lily thinks of him as an angel.

21 years-old. Waiter. Unlike his male coworkers, Ethan tends to see the glass as half empty. When he's not berating Lily for her mistakes, he's busy avoiding her like the plague. Lily's sure, however, that deep down, Ethan's a nice guy.

23 years-old. Busser. Liam is an optimistic guy who seems to always radiate with energy. He's also quite athletic, so his coworkers often leave the heavy lifting to him. He's always sparkling and positive, which helps Lily feel at ease.

21 years-old. Waitress. Laura is the other waitress on staff at Ristorante. Quiet, introverted, and extremely shy, Laura struggles at a job where she has to communicate with others. Still, she and Lily become fast friends.

22 years-old. A frequent patron at Ristorante Amore, Angelina is the daughter of a rich family and seems to have a great deal of interest in Pierre. The two of them seem to share a past... Loud and confident, Angelina seems like Lily's opposite in every way.