You've arrived at the official website for Ristorante Amore, a visual novel by Cyanide Tea. It was worked on as part of NaNoRenO, or (Inter)National Renai Game Writing Month, and was released on March 31st/April 1st. RisAmo is free.

Gameplay involves typical visual novel fare such as making decisions at different points in the plot in order to get (at least) one of three different prologue endings and nine different post-prologue endings. We hesitate to assign a label/genre to the game, but the closest things would probably be sci-fi (no, really) and slice of life.

09/22/15: The English version has been updated and is now exclusively available on itch.io.

09/12/12: The German version has been updated to the newest version of Ren'Py and we've fixed a few little errors in the text.

08/20/12: The game is now available in German and can be downloaded from this page.

04/14/12: The downloads have been updated. The game is currently version 1.1, which fixes a number of bugs, typos, etcetera. You can see a more definitive list of changes here.

04/05/12: We now have hints and walkthroughs available for people who are really stuck in the game, so give them a look-see.